Genealogie van [Mikmak]

Henriette Jacoba van WijnbergenAge: 18 years17941812

Henriette Jacoba van Wijnbergen
Given names
Henriette Jacoba
van Wijnbergen
Birth calculated 1794 26

Baptism of a brotherCarel Fredrik Jan Pieter van Wijnbergen
April 10, 1796 (Age 2 years)
Baptism of a sisterEverdina van Wijnbergen
December 4, 1803 (Age 9 years)
Baptism of a sisterWilhelmina Carolina van Wijnbergen
April 27, 1806 (Age 12 years)
Death July 15, 1812 (Age 18 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: February 25, 1791Harlingen, Friesland, NL
4 years
2 years
younger brother
Carel Fredrik Jan Pieter van Wijnbergen
Baptism: April 10, 1796 28Ravenswaaij, Gelderland, NL
Death: October 29, 1829Ginneken, Breda, Noord-Brabant, NL
8 years
younger sister
Everdina van Wijnbergen
Baptism: December 4, 1803 35Huissen, Gelderland, NL
Death: July 11, 1889Wageningen, Gelderland, NL
2 years
younger sister
Wilhelmina Carolina van Wijnbergen
Baptism: April 27, 1806 38Huissen, Gelderland, NL
Death: August 10, 1883Wageningen, Gelderland, NL
13 years
younger sister
-4 years
younger sister