Genealogie van [BertKoor]

Machiel KorngevelAge: 42 years17371779

Machiel Korngevel
Given names
Also known as
Michaël Korngibel
Also known as
Johan Michiel Korngibel
Birth about 1737
Note: trouwacte meldt plaats Gieseburg
Birth of a sisterAnna Catharina Koorengevel
estimated 1738 (Age 12 months)
soldaat V.O.C.
between May 20, 1756 and May 1768 (Age 19 years)

Marriage licenseHelena Christina “Leentje” VosView this family
July 8, 1768 (Age 31 years)
Marriage bannsHelena Christina “Leentje” VosView this family
July 10, 1768 (Age 31 years)
MarriageHelena Christina “Leentje” VosView this family
estimated August 1768 (Age 31 years) Husband: 31 Wife: 23

Residence 1768 (Age 31 years)
Address: Rosestraat
Baptism of a sonJohan Georg Korngibel
April 30, 1769 (Age 32 years)
Address: Lutherse kerk
Best man: Johan Georg Ottuncle
Baptism of a daughterElizabeth Corngeevel
March 29, 1770 (Age 33 years)
Address: Kerk aan huis
Burial of a daughterElizabeth Corngeevel
May 10, 1770 (Age 33 years)
Cemetery: St. Anthonis Kerkhof
Baptism of a sonJohannes Balthazar Korngibel
March 13, 1772 (Age 35 years)
Address: Lutherse kerk
BaptismAnna Catharina Ott
February 21, 1773 (Age 36 years)
Baptism of a daughterHendrica Corngevel
September 14, 1773 (Age 36 years)
Address: Kerk aan huis
Burial of a daughterHendrica Corngevel
October 12, 1773 (Age 36 years)
Cemetery: St. Anthonis Kerkhof
Burial June 20, 1779 (Age 42 years)
Cemetery: St. Anthonis Kerkhof
Family with parents - View this family
elder brother
9 years
younger sister
Family with Helena Christina “Leentje” Vos - View this family
Marriage: estimated August 1768
9 months
11 months
Elizabeth Corngeevel
Baptism: March 29, 1770 33 25Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL
Burial: May 10, 1770Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL
23 months
18 months
Hendrica Corngevel
Baptism: September 14, 1773 36 28Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL
Burial: October 12, 1773Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL

trouwacte meldt plaats Gieseburg